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Richard, E Sussex

After suffering years of chronic lower back pain I decided to try BCST and chose Amanda because of her history in dealing with sports injuries.

With each session the sensations became more intense and the pain started to ease. After a few weeks the pain in my back became more manageable and I have noticed a general improvement in my condition. Thank you Amanda.


Vicki, E Sussex

Amanda was patient and caring and I could tell she was actually listening to me not just taking notes. 

The benefits I personally found were a huge feeling of relaxation and in recent hospital appointments there has been a vast improvement  in my health.

I continue to see Amanda for treatments and I highly recommend her.


Jenny, Dubai, U.A.E

 I worked with Amanda her for many years on an embodiment practice, inlcuding Yoga and also benefitted from a number of BCST sessions.

Our sessions focused mainly on nervous system regulation and relief from anxiety.

I found the sessions very helpful and always felt very calm and centered afterwards.

Amanda is skilled, empathetic and passionate about her practice. I can highly recommend Amanda as a BCST practitioner.

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