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Cranial Sacral Therapy



This biodynamic therapy helps support your body’s innate ability to heal itself. In much the same way that talk therapy uses words, BCST uses light touch to listen to your body’s tissues.

Because of its nature, the treatments are accessible for all ages from newborn up.

BCST is a wonderful support therapy and works very well

alongside medical care. It is not a medical substitute.

What a first session tends to look like

After you share some historical-present details with me
, you most likely shall lay on your back on the treatment table.

When settled, I will place my hands onto your feet, head and/or spine, we will let your body lead the way.

The informed touch is gentle.

The session will naturally wind up as your body will have plenty to integrate.

Sessions are fully clothed. We can talk during the therapy, ask questions, it depends on how you feel on that day.

Allow an hour for the first session. Subsequent sessions are approximately 50 mins.


All sessions - 50-60 mins - £63

Under 12's - 45 mins - £55

My daughter really benefitted from the sessions and I saw a difference even after the first session, Kelly & Anouka

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